addi's running :) Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com Fri, 17 Nov 2017 21:36:07 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Wed, Nov 15, 2017 I went to the PT and did this test to see if I was ready to race. He said i should be good to race on Saturday. He said i can run a mile tomorrow, then the course run through on Friday, and then race on Saturday. He said if it starts to hurt again at all then I shouldn't race cause I'm on the verge of a stress fracture I guess. And then he said after Saturday I can't run for 4 weeks to make sure it's fully recovered before track &#128557; I think I might die. Literally I haven't ran for a week and it's terrible...but if it will make me uninjured then I guess I will. Hopefully I have one race left in me. It's sad not running. I miss my friends Wed, 15 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Nov 13, 2017 went to a different PT today. He's an awesome guy. Bummer that I'm still not being allowed to run. I'm going tomorrow and Wednesday. He's gonna work me out and try to get me racing on Saturday. he has some running test to see if it will even be beneficial/ready to race because I've been injured so that will either be good or bad. I'll do that on Wednesday so I'm icing and I'll do weights and biking until then. He also wanted me to get an insole cause it's my arches that are causing the pain so we went to get them but they didn't have any my size. Also sad day cause I've been banned from chacos and I have to wear running shoes always. Good day besides all this stuff apush was quite hilarious. Mon, 13 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Nov 08, 2017 well, today I ran a grand total of 10 minutes... Such a sad day. My mom wouldn't let me run in the morning and then robs suggested that I shouldn't run in the afternoon. I ran 10 min before going to the PT to get looked at. He thinks I have a hardcore knot on my shin so he worked it really hard. I was glad to hear that he doesn't think it's a stress fracture. That was stressing me out. But i cant run until at least Friday cause I have to go back in. Hopefully it gets better so I can race hard at Nike. I'll be biking probably until I can run again :( sad day I love running. Wed, 08 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Nov 07, 2017 am-weights. didn't do much cause squatting really hurt my leg... Only ran 10 min with Brianna cause I was limping hard core. pm-not super. my shin ached the whole time. I want to run so bad. It's not fun to hurt all the time. Only pushed 30. 40 min :( Tue, 07 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Nov 06, 2017 am-not a very good run...I started and was trying to stick with the girls. My shin really got to me. I shouldn't let it. I pushed myself to run 20 out. I didn't really think it was beneficial to run farther when I was hurting...idk what I should've done. Iced when I got back. pm-grass run. solid run. 60 min Mon, 06 Nov 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Nov 04, 2017 am-workout at the good old Washington Elementary. It was pretty good :) we did 4 sets of 4x1 min reps at random paces. It was rough for me. The first 2 sets were really hard. My second half was a lot better. Shin is still bugging. 60 min Sat, 04 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Fri, Nov 03, 2017 am-not really that great of a shin hurts so that is not good. Plyos kinda hurt too. Yoga was very nice. pm-sad day cause practically no one was there. Robs was at meetings, ell jace Caroline and Brianna are in Virginia. And half the team is that was a bummer. Ran into the fields. I was kinda hurting like the whole time. We went way over our time but it was fine. Had a good talk with Jess she's one awesome girl. 20+80 Fri, 03 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Thu, Nov 02, 2017 am-weights and run feeling pretty strong. pm-race at 7:45. Pretty good race. I am happy with how it turned out. I was able to stay calm and relaxed like the whole time. I threw in some really good surges and that really helped. Py was a really good running partner. She really helped me push. I just need to work on bringing the time down... Not really sure on my time lol :) this year it's gonna happen. also, my legs were super sore so that's not very fun. Overall a good day. Thu, 02 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Wed, Nov 01, 2017 am-run with py for the most part. Pretty good run pm-ran into Middleton. I am feeling so sore and tired. I honestly really was trying today and it was a real struggle. Also, jacey ran into a barb wire fence and I think she almost bled to death it was pretty deep. Striders felt really good. Solid day although I missed ry and py. also coach Holt. 20+55 Wed, 01 Nov 2017 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 31, 2017 am-weights and run pm-usual Halloween run. Robs was gru and some of the girls were minions. It was fun. And really weird to have such a short afternoon run. Good day :) 15+25 Tue, 31 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 30, 2017 am-kinda chilled this run...I really struggled the first part. It's hard for me to just jump in on a Monday morning and get going. Halfway I started feeling pretty decent ran with Brianna. We had some really good convos that I really enjoyed. But I need to get out of the comfort zone a lot more. pm-good afternoon. The meeting was really good. I value the teachings and the purpose of our team. It's always a good reminder and something I strive for everyday. We did half on road and half on the grass. Had some good conversations with Roberts. I havent had one of those in a long time. He's one awesome guy. 80+35 Mon, 30 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Fri, Oct 27, 2017 am-good morning run. Still feeling pretty tight. Ran by myself until Caroline creeped up on me and freaked me out!!!! plyos and yoga were good. pm-long run up the turkey road. Got off to a rough start. I need to make hills a strength rather than a weakness. But I pushed hard the second half. Definitely a negative split. Me and ness pushed hard together :) it was good. Wish I could have been up with the top girls but it's ok it will come in time. On the way back to the high school a freaky guy drove by on a motorcycle with a wolf mask on really slowly it terrified me! started crappy ended wonderfully. Exactly how some things in life are. There are always ups and downs and that's good. Pushed to 80 min. 20+80 Fri, 27 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 26, 2017 am-weights and run. Felt better than Tuesday. Ness is a swag weight partner. Still hurting. pm-hard run today. It was just a 50 min run but everything hurt. My shin my knee my it band everything. It's hard to push myself to greater things when my body seems to be hurting me. Rather than pushing into the harder areas smoothly I seem to be forcing my body. I remember when running felt good. It felt natural and my body didn't hurt all the time. I want to get back to running where it feels good so I can push myself. I want to be strong and run fast I just don't know how to make my body feel better so I can get to that level again. Papusa party at kathyas! Sooooo much fun :) it was awesome to experience a piece of her culture. She's one awesome girl :)) 15+50 Thu, 26 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Wed, Oct 25, 2017 am-morning run. kinda hurting...but it was alright. missed swag jess, Jace, and Sylvia from the regular morning crew. pm-workout 6x3min this was really rough for me. I had some good moments like the 2nd to last one was really solid. but others were completely terrible. I need to get myself figured out. Also, I need to work on some light forward running cause I'm really good at weighing myself down. 20+65 Wed, 25 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 24, 2017 am-weights and short run. when I woke up my shin was killing me. It was hard to squat and stuff (like putting weight on it) so I tried to do more upper body stuff also sad day cause my weight partner no longer comes to weights. pm-shin felt better tried to push myself today. but not everyday is super great. Today there was a bit more struggle and pain but I hopefully gained some confidence. good day Tue, 24 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 23, 2017 man very solid run today. I'm feeling honestly pretty good. My legs feel crappy but I've been pushing myself to do hard things. It's good :) I'm building confidence. Which is something I need. Got some good leading in something I haven't done in a while. I was wearing a long sleeve and it was terrible but other than that it was splendid :) Pm-shins killed this afternoon. Good run with Jess tho. She's a swag friend :) 70 min 20 min Mon, 23 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Sat, Oct 21, 2017 went with Alli kinda (she went shorter) and then my dad. It was a good run. We got going and it felt nice :) I'm excited for another week. It's gonna be a good one. 55 min Sat, 21 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Fri, Oct 20, 2017 Finally getting back into the groove. I stayed with the pack (but there weren't very many of us) for the most part. Taking little steps. My right hip tightened up but I tried to push through it. Had some good conversation with robs. Really wonderful run today. Don't forget to be happy:) 60 min Fri, 20 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Thu, Oct 19, 2017 <p>pm-no morning :) it was nice to kinda sleep in a little while.&nbsp; struggled this afternoon.&nbsp; but, i&#39;m going to get back working hard again.&nbsp; i have been a hardcore slacker lately.&nbsp; thats not who i am.&nbsp; i have goals and i&#39;m going to reach them.&nbsp; i&#39;m going to push myself hard and do my best.&nbsp; grateful for people to remind me of things that i need to be doing and of goals that i have.&nbsp; im excited to get working hard again. i have a new sense of energy.&nbsp; its gonna be a good month or so.</p> <p>55 min</p> Thu, 19 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Wed, Oct 18, 2017 am-kinda chilly run. but it was good. the girls are ready for some killer stuff :) I'm excited 20 min Wed, 18 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Tue, Oct 17, 2017 am-20 min pm-25 min w/ 4xstriders. alright running today. Trying to find ways to pull myself out if the slump I seem to be in. Excited to watch some stellar racing tomorrow. 45 Tue, 17 Oct 2017 06:00:00 Mon, Oct 16, 2017 am-4x400 at race pace. chilly morning. pm-run with ness and Ashley. It was good. Feeling kinda crappy. 40+20 Mon, 16 Oct 2017 06:00:00